Gourmet Group

  1. gourmet logoWe meet once a month from September to June. (September is traditionally our planning meeting.)
  2. We try to have a group of 12 so that each members cooks every other month approximately. Sometimes it works out this way and sometimes it doesn’t…in other words, sometimes you cook more than every other month!
  3. If you are unable to attend the dinner you are still responsible for your dish. This means that you find someone else to make it or make it and make arrangements to get it to the host/co-host.
  4. Each member basically hosts AND co-hosts one dinner a season. For the first year new members generally are asked to co-host only, unless they want to host.
  5. As a host/co-host you are responsible for planning the menu/theme and copying/distributing the recipes. The host/co-host usually prepares the main dish, one other dish and provides the wine or whatever drink is served with dinner. When you are the host dinner is at your home; the co-host helps set-up and clean-up, as well as plan, etc.
  6. We usually make charitable donations of 2 appetizer parties a year (for 8 to 10.) Members are asked to help organize this as well as prepare a dish for it. In the past our appetizer parties have been “hot ticket” items for many events such as Extreevaganza, Power of the Purse and our own Woman Making History Luncheon.
  7. Occasionally spouses are included in our festivities—this is up to the host/co-host. It’s a lot of fun when they come and we generally put them to work…rolling sushi, grilling, preparing salads, etc.
  8. At our December dinner we have a gift exchange and each person brings a wrapped gift of at least $30 value.
  9. You do NOT have to be a gourmet cook, but you do need to be willing to try new things and keep a sense of humor when they flop! We have ALL had flops…rice pudding, flaming Alaska…etc.
Gourmet Group

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